Safari 11.0


Safari 11.0 ships with iOS 11.0 and macOS 10.13. It is also available on macOS 10.12.6 and 10.11.6.

Highlights of Safari 11.0

App Developers



  • Updates to SFSafariViewController.

    • Added functionality to change the title of the button used to dismiss the view controller, to exclude activity items from the share sheet, and to disable bar collapsing.

Web Developers


  • New in Safari 11.0 – Support for real-time communication using WebRTC.

  • New in Safari 11.0 – Camera and microphone access.

    • Added support for the Media Capture API.

    • Websites can access camera and microphone streams from a user's device (user permission is required.)

Web APIs

  • New in Safari 11.0 – WebAssembly.

    • Added support for WebAssembly, a fast, efficient, portable, and safe code format.

  • Updated Safari to the latest version of the WebCrypto API.

    • Includes new cryptographic algorithms such as: AES-CFB, AES-GCM, ECDH, and PBKDF2.

    • SubtleCrypto is no longer prefixed and is now asynchronous.

  • New in Safari 11.0 – Resource timing.

  • New in Safari 11.0 – Drag and drop on iOS.

    • Added DOM events on iOS for drag and drop: dragstart, dragenter, dragover, dragexit, dragleave, dragend, and drop.

Web Apps

  • Updated WebKit support for home screen apps.

    • Web applications saved to the home screen now support all features of modern WebKit, such as Fast-Tap, scroll snapping and the new visual viewports behavior.

Security and Privacy

  • New in Safari 11.0 - Enhanced user privacy by preventing cross-site tracking.

    • Added Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which updates the default cookie and website data policy to isolate and remove cookies and website data for sites with the ability to track users across-site.

  • Updated file restrictions to block cross origin access by default.

    • CORS and cross origin access from file:// are now blocked unless 'Disable Local File Restrictions' is selected from the Develop menu.

Text Features

  • New in Safari 11.0 – Variable fonts.

    • Added support for font variations defined in the CSS Fonts Module 4 specification. For more detail, see Variable Fonts. Requires macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later, or iOS 11 or later.

  • New in Safari 11.0 – CSS stroke support.

    • Added stroke properties from the CSS Stroke specifications including paint-order, stroke-linejoin, stroke-linecap, stroke-color, stroke-width, and stroke-miterlimit.

Web Inspector and Tools

  • New in Safari 11.0 – Inspect WebSocket connections.

    • Added debugging of WebSocket connections and messages.

  • New in Safari 11.0 – Right-to-left layouts.

    • Updated the Web Inspector UI to use a right-to-left (RTL) mode when the preferred language is an RTL language.

  • DOM Breakpoints and XHR Breakpoints.

    • Added breakpoints to pause script execution and display JavaScript that modifies elements in the DOM, or that makes an XMLHttpRequest to a resource.

Safari Extensions

  • New in Safari 11.0 – content blocker rules.

    • Added if-top-url and unless-top-url, new triggers that execute when a regular expression is matched against the entirety of the main document URL.