CloudSearch: Query for documents in iCloud using NSMetaDataQuery

Last Revision:
Version 3.0, 2016-03-24
Upgraded to use storyboards, improved UI for OS X version, supports rendering document icon or thumbnail preview, now using NSOperationQueue and block-based APIs for running NSMetaDataQuery.
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Build Requirements:
iOS 9.0 SDK or later, OS X 10.11 SDK or later.
Runtime Requirements:
iOS 8.0 or later, OS X 10.9 or later.

Demonstrates how to find documents in iCloud, using NSMetaDataQuery. Included as part of this sample is a class called "CloudDocumentsController" which runs Spotlight queries, using NSMetaDataQuery, to discoved files found in iCloud. You can use this class to quickly gain access to those available documents.