Last Revision:
Version 1.2, 2011-05-28
Updated build settings: Set 'Build Active Architecture Only' setting to 'NO' for both 'Debug' and 'Release' configurations Set 'Base SDK' setting from 'Mac OS X 10.6' to 'Latest Mac OS X' for both 'Debug' and 'Release' configurations
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Build Requirements:
Xcode Tools 3.2 and Mac OS X v10.6
Runtime Requirements:
Mac OS X v10.6

The CoreWLANWirelessManager application utilizes the CoreWLAN framework, which is the Objective-C public API for the Mac OS X IEEE 802.11 wireless interface. It gives developers an example of how to use the CoreWLAN API and exercises the functionality that the framework provides.

This functionality includes scanning for networks, querying the wireless interface for static and dynamic parameters, toggling interface power, changing channels, association, and accessing the corresponding system configuration preferences for the given interface.