Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to AVAudioSession Class Reference.

2014-03-10Updated for iOS 7.0.
2014-02-11Corrected AVAudioSessionCategoryOptionDuckOthers description.
2013-09-18Updated for iOS 7. Added channelLabel property.
2012-12-13Clarified discussion of the AVAudioSessionMediaServicesWereResetNotification constant and the input/outputDataSources properties.
2012-09-19Added new session-related notifications introduced in iOS 6.

Added descriptions for “Audio Session Modes.”


Added descriptions for the mode property and the setMode:error: instance method.


Clarified the descriptions of the setPreferredHardwareSampleRate:error: and setPreferredIOBufferDuration:error: instance methods.


Corrected the descriptions of the error parameters in this class’s instance methods.


Added a description for the setActive:withFlags:error: instance method.


Added descriptions for the AVAudioSessionSetActiveFlags_NotifyOthersOnDeactivation and AVAudioSessionInterruptionFlags_ShouldResume constants.


Added multitasking information to the description for the AVAudioSessionCategoryMultiRoute audio session category constant.


Minor changes.


Added a description for the delegate audio session property.


Added a description for the AVAudioSessionCategoryMultiRoute audio session category; improved descriptions of the other categories.


New document that describes a class for managing audio context for playback and recording.