Energy Usage Instrument

The Energy Usage instrument captures information about energy usage on a device since start up.

The Energy Usage instrument is associated with the following tasks:




Energy Diagnostics template

Library pane (only appears when an iOS device is connected)

Displayed Information

The Energy Usage instrument displays the recorded information in the track pane and the Detail pane.

Track Pane

The track pane displays the current energy usage on a scale of 0-20.

Detail Pane

The Detail pane provides energy usage information in Table 22-1.

Table 22-1  Detail pane information (Energy Usage instrument)

Column heading



The time the state change occurred.

Energy Usage Level

Relative energy usage on a scale of 0-20. Each change

Figure 22-1 shows the Energy Usage instrument displaying an iOS device’s energy log.

Figure 22-1  Energy Usage instrument

Configuration Options

You can configure how information is displayed in the track pane through the configuration dialog. Click the inspector icon to bring up the configuration dialog. Customize the following display options.

Target: Choose a target for this instrument. Available only if you choose Instrument Specific from the Target pop-up menu in the toolbar.

Track Display: Controls how information is displayed in the track pane, grouped by style, type, and zoom.

Style: How information is presented.

Type: How multiple parameters in one track are displayed.

Zoom: The height of the data collection graph.