About the Instruments User Reference

The Instruments app provides a set of instruments that are used to test and streamline developed apps. The Instruments User Reference describes the information that these individual instruments collect and display.

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At a Glance

The Instruments User Reference provides consistent, easy to follow descriptions of the individual instruments found in the Instruments app. Each instrument chapter contains the following information:

An explanation of the different preferences available for Instruments can be found in Instruments Preferences.

An explanation of the different Menu bar options can be found in Menu Bar Definitions.

A list of keyboard shortcuts can be found in Keyboard Shortcuts.

Each chapter details a distinct instrument and the chapters are in alphabetical order for easy look-up. If you want to see what instruments a trace template contains, see Trace Template Contents.


This reference assumes you have some experience with the Instruments app and just need information on a specific instrument. It does not describe how to use Instruments. For information on how to use Instruments see the Instruments User Guide.

See Also

See Xcode Overview when using Xcode in conjunction with Instruments.

See Instruments User Guide for information on how to use Instruments when testing your apps.