Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Archives and Serializations Programming Guide.

2012-07-17Removed legacy information about non-keyed archiving.
2010-09-01Added note for customizing unarchival of archives created using archiveRootObject:toFile:.
2009-08-18Added links to related concepts.
2009-02-04Replaced instances of "/tmp" with NSTemporaryDirectory().
2007-10-31Added discussion of how to distinguish old archives from keyed archives.
2007-07-09Removed pointers to deprecated reference.
2006-11-07Corrected inaccurate description of code sample in "Encoding an Object."
2006-02-07Clarified preference of keyed over non-keyed archiving. Changed title from "Archives and Serializations."

Changed use of cString, which will eventually be deprecated, to UTF8String in sample code in Serializing Property Lists.


Revision history was added to existing topic.