Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Stream Programming Guide.

2013-12-16Removed inappropriate example of automatically falling back from a secure connection to an insecure connection.
2012-09-19Clarified behavior of CFStreamCreatePairWithSocketToHost.
2009-12-16Updated code listings in the Setting Up Socket Streams chapter.
2009-08-28Added links to related concepts.
2009-05-06Added a missing comment to a code sample.
2008-10-15Fixed broken links.
2006-10-03Fixed a broken link.
2006-04-04Changed event in code listing on writing to a network stream to NSStreamEventHasSpaceAvailable.
2005-07-07Fixed bugs and changed title from "Streams."

Fixed bug in code example (Radar 3597799).


First version of Streams.