Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Preferences and Settings Programming Guide.

2013-10-22Changed link to new App Distribution Guide.
2012-03-01Updated the document to reflect new limits for key and value sizes.
2011-10-12Updated the document to include information about Settings bundles and iOS in general. Also incorporated iCloud information.

Removed the articles on storing NSColor objects and using Cocoa bindings and now link to their locations instead.


Changed document name from User Defaults Programming Topics.

2007-10-31Updated information about periodic autosave behavior.
2007-01-08Corrected typos and capitalization mistakes.
2006-11-07Added overview of procedure for storing non-property-list objects in user defaults, and linked to related article.
2006-09-05Made small additions to the content. Changed title from "User Defaults."

Expanded explanation of user defaults in introduction.


Noted requirement that a default’s value must be a property list value at the beginning of the “Using NSUserDefaults” article.

2005-08-11Included an article that describes the use of NSUserDefaultsController. Corrected minor typographical errors.

Added article “Storing NSColor in User Defaults”.


Linked to the Core Foundation Preferences Programming Topic, which was also incorrectly named.


Added link in limitations area to CFPreferences. Corrected class name in Defaults Domains Concept.


Revision history was added to existing topic. It will be used to record changes to the content of the topic.