Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to NSUserDefaults Class Reference.

2013-10-22Added note that initWithUser: always returns the defaults for the current user.

Added deprecation summary to initWithUser: and noted that it was never implemented to return anything other than the defaults for the current user.


Removed guidance to use your app bundle identifer in the persistentDomainForName: and removePersistentDomainForName: methods.


Added deprecation summary to persistentDomainNames.

2013-08-08Corrected return value of stringForKey: to indicate that it returns the string value of numbers as well.
2012-01-09Updated with App Sandbox tweaks.
2010-01-24Expanded discussion of setObject:forKey: and added a link to the Property List Guide.
2009-08-28Added to the setURL: and URLForKey: descriptions.
2009-03-27Updated for OS X v10.6
2009-04-08Updated property list storage details.
2007-12-11Corrected discussion of notification posting behavior.
2007-10-31Clarified the migration options for language-dependent numeric and date and time symbols.
2006-08-29Made bug fixes.

Clarified the description of NSArgumentDomain.


Expanded the description of registerDefaults:.

2006-05-23First publication of this content as a separate document.