Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to NSFetchedResultsController Class Reference.

2013-08-08Added bounds checking on number of sections in the example code for a table view data source.
2011-03-08Corrected typographical error.
2010-11-15Augmented discussion of fetchResults, and clarified steps for modifying the fetch request.
2010-08-16Added a discussion of various iOS version-specific behaviors.
2010-05-25Updated for iOS 4.0.
2010-02-24Notes that controller does not respond to changes until after processPendingChanges.
2009-09-09Updated usage notes for iOS 3.1.
2009-05-27Added description of properties checked for cache equality.
2009-03-10New document that describes a class that efficiently manages the results returned from a Core Data fetch request.