Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to CFString Reference.

2012-09-19Added CFStringGetHyphenationLocationBeforeIndex and CFStringIsHyphenationAvailableForLocale functions and CFStringInlineBuffer typedef.
2012-06-11Removed statements that character set is restricted to ASCII. Added definition of "composed character sequence" to discussion of CFStringGetRangeOfComposedCharactersAtIndex: function.
2010-06-21Added definitions of functions related to surrogate pairs; clarified descriptions of CFStringGetCString and CFStringCreateArrayBySeparatingStrings.
2009-07-02Added description of kCFStringEncodingShiftJIS_X0213 constant and deprecated kCFStringEncodingShiftJIS_X0213_00. Added kCFStringEncodingUTF7 and kCFStringEncodingUTF7_IMAP which are new for OS X v10.6.
2009-05-26Updated for OS X v10.6. Compare functions now use the CFStringCompareFlags typedef.
2008-10-15Added explanation of how locale argument affects CFStringCompareWithOptionsAndLocale and CFStringFindWithOptionsAndLocale functions.
2008-03-11Added information to CFStringCreateExternalRepresentation function description about string encodings that do not include a BOM.
2007-10-31Clarified the definition of the CFStringGetDoubleValue function.
2007-07-11Updated to include new API in OS X v10.5.
2007-07-10Clarified encodings supported by C string representations.
2007-03-06Clarified parameter descriptions for CFStringGetBytes; clarified behavior of NoCopy creation functions on failure.
2007-01-08Corrected minor typographical errors.
2006-12-05Clarified the return value of CFStringGetLength.
2006-06-28Clarified the string argument to CFStringCreateWithCString.
2006-01-10Clarified the meaning of kCFCompareAnchored.
2005-12-06Made minor changes to text to conform to reference consistency guidelines.
2005-11-09Corrected link in Companion Documents.
2005-04-29 Updated to include new API and encodings for OS X version 10.4.

Added note to Introduction regarding hash values.


Added note regarding use of -fconstant-cfstrings with CFSTR(), and link to string formatting codes.


Added note that specified ranges must not exceed length of string.


Minor bug fix to description of the result parameter in CFStringFindCharacterFromSet.


Minor bug fix related to CFShowStr.


Minor bug fix related to Cocoa encoding conversion.


Updated per new OS X v10.3 API, and fixed other miscellaneous errors.


First version of this document.