About Instruments

Instruments is a performance-analysis and testing tool for dynamically tracing and profiling OS X and iOS code. It is a flexible and powerful tool that lets you track a process, collect data, and examine the collected data. In this way, Instruments helps you understand the behavior of both user apps and the operating system.


At a Glance

With Instruments, you use special tools (known as instruments) to trace different aspects of a process’s behavior. You can also use the tool to record a sequence of user interface actions in OS X and replay them over and over again to replicate a set of steps, while using one or more instruments to gather data.

Instruments provides the ability to:

Using Instruments, you can perform tasks such as:

Instruments is available with Xcode 3.0 and later and with OS X v10.5 and later.

Organization of This Document

The following chapters describe how to use Instruments:

See Also

Instruments is best used in conjunction with Xcode. For information on how to use Xcode, see Xcode Overview. For a complete list of help articles for performing essential Instruments tasks, see Instruments Help.