Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Information Property List Key Reference.


Added the NSExtensionPointIdentifier string for a WatchKit App extension.

2014-09-17Added new keys introduced in iOS 8.
2014-02-11Added the opengles-3 key for required device capabilities.
2013-09-18Added OS X v10.9 availability for NSLocationUsageDescription.
 Added keys introduced in iOS 7.
2012-09-19Added keys related to the configuration of an app to support 3rd party map directions and keys related to user privacy.
2012-02-16Added info to CFBundleURLTypes regarding RSS feeds.
2011-10-12Added a new value to the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key to reflect support for low-power Bluetooth hardware.
 Incorporates keys introduced in iOS 5.0.
2011-06-06Added information about key support in OS X v10.7.
2010-11-15Corrected the availability of the LSMinimumSystemVersion and MinimumOSVersion keys.
2010-08-20Fixed some typographical errors.
2010-07-08Changed references of iOS to iOS.
2010-06-14Added new keys introduced in iOS 4.0.
2010-03-23Added keys specific to iOS 3.2.

Removed the LSHasLocalizedDisplayName key, which was deprecated in OS X v10.2.

2009-10-19New document describing the keys you can use in a bundle's Info.plist file.