Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to CGImageSource Reference.

2013-01-28Updated the default value for kCGImageSourceShouldCache to indicate that it is false in 32-bit, true in 64-bit.
2010-03-17Added to iOS 4.0.
2007-12-04Added release information to several functions.

Added a discussion to “Image Source Option Dictionary Keys.”

2007-10-31Made several technical corrections and removed image property constants.

Removed the constantskCGImageSourceShouldToneCompressFloat andkCGImagePropertyCompressionQuality, added header file information, and moved kCGImageDestinationLossyCompressionQuality to CGImageDestination Reference.


Moved all image property constants to CGImageProperties Reference.


Adding information about PSD files to CGImageSourceGetCount.


Added information about creating thumbnail images from a PDF image source to CGImageSourceCreateThumbnailAtIndex.

2006-03-08Clarified description of the function CGImageSourceUpdateData.
2006-01-10Added documentation for the constant kCGImageSourceCreateThumbnailWithTransform.
2005-04-29 First version.