Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to CGPDFContext Reference.

2010-04-30Added the CGPDFContextAddDocumentMetadata function.
2007-10-31Updated for OS X v10.5.

Added one the function CGPDFContextClose and three constants—kCGPDFContextSubject, kCGPDFContextKeywords, and kCGPDFContextEncryptionKeyLength.


Clarified the space used for CGPDFContextSetURLForRect.


Grouped functions according to their use.

2006-05-23Revised the introduction.
2005-04-29 Updated for OS X v10.4.

Added the functions CGPDFContextBeginPage , CGPDFContextEndPage , CGPDFContextAddDestinationAtPoint , CGPDFContextAddDestinationAtPoint , and CGPDFContextSetDestinationForRect .


Added the dictionary keys “Auxiliary Dictionary Keys”, “Box Dictionary Keys”, and “Output Intent Dictionary Keys”.


Added introductory material.


First version of this document. An earlier version of this information appeared in Quartz 2D Reference.