Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to CIFilter Class Reference.

2014-02-11Added description of kCIApplyOptionColorSpace.
2013-09-18Added subclassing notes and RAW filter constants introduced in OS X v10.7.
2013-01-09Removed incorrect example from filterWithImageData:options:.
2012-09-19Updated for iOS 6.0.

Added “Serializing and Deserializing Filters” and updated availability information in “Filter Parameter Keys.”


Added information on multithreading.

2011-10-12Updated for iOS 5.

See kCIAttributeClass and “Filter Category Keys”.

2007-12-11Added a filter category and updated filter attribute constants.

See kCIAttributeClass and “Filter Category Keys”.

2007-06-26Updated for OS X v10.5.

Added additions to support using RAW images. See “Creating a Filter from a RAW Image” and “RAW Image Options”.


Added the methods localizedDescriptionForFilterName: and localizedReferenceDocumentationForFilterName:.


Add the constant groups: “User Interface Control Options” and “Filter Parameter Keys”.


Added two filter attributes: kCIAttributeDescription and kCIAttributeReferenceDocumentation.


Added two attribute types: kCIAttributeTypeInteger and kCIAttributeTypeCount.


Changed formatting for constants.

2006-06-28Clarified a few technical points.

Added a discussion to registerFilterName:constructor:classAttributes:.

2006-05-23First publication of this content as a separate document.

Added parameter descriptions and updated Class Description.