Accessing and Enabling Game Center Functionality

Game Center information appears in iTunes Connect at two levels: at the app level, you configure all the details for leaderboards and achievements. At the version level, you identify which leaderboards and achievements to associate with that version of the app. This section describes how to access the two configuration levels.

Navigating to Your App’s Game Center Page

To get started using Game Center with your app, navigate to your app’s Game Center page, and if this is the first time through the process, enable your app for Game Center.

To go to your app’s Game Center page in iTunes Connect
  1. Sign in to iTunes Connect using your Apple ID user name and password.

  2. Click Manage Your Apps.

  3. Select the app you want to manage.

    If the app doesn’t appear in the list of apps with recent activity, find it by:

    • Clicking See All to show a list of all apps in your organization

      You can click column headings to sort the list and use the Page controls to move between pages in the list.

    • Using the fields in the Search section below the Recent Activity list

  4. Click Manage Game Center.

  5. If the app has been enabled for Game Center previously, the Game Center page opens.

    If this is the first time that this app has been configured for Game Center, you’re prompted to enable Game Center. Select one of these options:

    • Select “Enable for Single Game” if you’re configuring Game Center components specifically for this app.

    • Select “Enable for Group Games” if you want the Game Center components you configure to be used by more than one app.

    The appropriate Game Center page opens.

From this page you can configure Game Center components: “Leaderboards and Leaderboard Sets,” “Achievements,” and “Groups.”

Enabling Game Center for Your App

There are two places in iTunes Connect that you enable Game Center for an app:

You need to enable Game Center in both locations to allow your app access to configured components through Game Center.

Disabling Game Center for Apps

Up until a version of your app is approved, you can disable Game Center for an app. This action disables Game Center for all versions. To disable Game Center for a specific version of the app, see “To disable a version of your app for Game Center.”

To disable your app for Game Center
  1. Go to the Game Center page of your app, as described in “Navigating to Your App’s Game Center Page.”

  2. In the Game Center section, click the toggle to disable Game Center.