Testing Your App

Apple provides a nonproduction development environment for Game Center that you can use to test how your app interacts with Game Center. To use this environment, create test user accounts in iTunes Connect and log in to your game in your development environment using the test account. You can begin testing leaderboards and achievements without any additional setup even when your app belongs to a group. However, testing multiplayer compatibility requires some configuration in iTunes Connect.

For specific information about testing Game Center functionality, see “Testing Your Game Center-Aware Game” in Game Center Programming Guide.

Testing Game Center Functionality in Your App

Testing a Game Center-aware app involves the following steps:

  1. Configure Game Center components for your app, as described in this document.

  2. Enable specific leaderboards or achievements for the app version that’s ready to submit, as described in “To enable a version of your app for Game Center.”

  3. Identify any additional apps that you want to be able to play with the app you’re testing, as described in “Configuring Multiplayer Compatibility Testing.”

  4. Set up iTunes Connect test users, as described in “Creating Test User Accounts” in iTunes Connect Developer Guide.

  5. Test your app following the guidelines in “Testing Your Game Center-Aware Game” in Game Center Programming Guide.

  6. Clear leaderboard test data, as described in “Cleaning Up After Testing.”

Configuring Multiplayer Compatibility Testing

Multiplayer compatibility settings determine which users running different versions of your app see their results together in Game Center. You access the multiplayer compatibility settings through the Version Details page of your app.

If you’re testing multiple apps playing together, go to the Version Details page and add the apps you want to test to the multiplayer compatibility list. If you’re testing multiple versions of the same app, no additional configuration is required.

To allow one app to be compatible with other apps for testing
  1. Go to the Game Center page of your app, as described in “Navigating to Your App’s Game Center Page.”

  2. Click View Details for the app version you’re testing.

  3. In the Game Center section, enable Game Center if it’s not already enabled.

    If you don’t see a Game Center section in the Version Details, this app isn’t enabled for Game Center. See “Accessing and Enabling Game Center Functionality.”

  4. In the Multiplayer Compatibility section, click Edit.

  5. Choose other apps you want this app to be compatible with from the Add pop-up menu (+) (located below the list of apps).


    The Add pop-up menu (+) displays the name and platform for each app you can add. (Only Game Center-enabled apps are shown.)

  6. Click Save.

Cleaning Up After Testing

After you complete testing leaderboards, make sure to remove the leaderboard test data before submitting the app.

To delete leaderboard test data
  1. Go to the Game Center page of your app, as described in “Navigating to Your App’s Game Center Page.”

  2. In the Leaderboards section, click Delete Test Data.

    A request to Apple is submitted to delete your test data. Requests are usually processed within one day and can’t be restored.