Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Framework Programming Guide.

2013-09-17Removed mention of flat Carbon headers.
2006-11-07Updated framework initialization advice. Revised prebinding guidelines. Updated steps for embedding private frameworks in an application bundle.
2006-03-08Updated for Xcode 2.2 and added naming requirements for versioned frameworks.

Updated Framework Bundle Structure to specify the naming requirements for versioned frameworks.

2005-07-07Updated linking and binding information. Updated steps for Xcode 2.1. Changed title from "OS X Frameworks".

Updated the list of recommended the guidelines and locations for installing frameworks.


Added information on how to test a framework in place without installing it in its deployment location.


Added information relating to weak linking and frameworks.


Fixed minor bugs.


First version of OS X Frameworks. The information in this document replaces information about frameworks that was previously published in System Overview.