MKReverseGeocoderDelegate Protocol Reference

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Available in iOS 3.0 and later.
Deprecated in iOS 5.0.
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This protocol is deprecated in iOS 5.0. Use the CLGeocoder class instead.


The MKReverseGeocoderDelegate protocol defines the interface for receiving messages from an MKReverseGeocoder object. You use this protocol to receive the placemark information for a given coordinate or to retrieve any errors that occurred during the reverse-geocoding process.

Delegates must implement both methods of this protocol.

The Google terms of service require that the reverse geocoding service be used in conjunction with a Google map; take this into account when designing your application's user interface.

Each Map Kit application has a limited amount of reverse geocoding capacity, so it is to your advantage to use reverse geocode requests sparingly. For more information about when to initiate reverse-geocoding requests, see MKReverseGeocoder Class Reference.


Processing Placemark Searches