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The MPFeedbackCommandEvent class provides additional information for the feedback properties described in MPRemoteCommandCenter Class Reference. The MPFeedbackCommandEvent class responds to a negative operation from an external media player.

  • A Boolean value that indicates whether an app should perform a negative command appropriate to the target. (read-only)



    var negative: Bool { get }


    @property(nonatomic, readonly, getter=isNegative) BOOL negative


    If TRUE, the designated element has a negative operation performed on the element. The performance of the negative command varies depending on the element it is referencing. For example, a negative command for a bookmark indicates that the bookmark should be removed. However, a negative command for a Like command could just lower the frequency that the designated element is played. This behavior differs from a Dislike command, which would blacklist the designated element and never play it again.

    It’s up to the app to determine exactly what should be done when a negative command is received.


    Available in iOS 7.1 and later.