Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to MPMediaItem Class Reference.

2012-09-19Added descriptions for media item types available in iOS 6.0.

Added descriptions for three new properties: MPMediaItemPropertyBookmarkTime, MPMediaItemPropertyChapters, and MPMediaItemPropertyIsCloudItem.


Added descriptions for several video media item types, now usable from the iPod library, in “Media Item Type Flags.”


Improved the description for the MPMediaItemPropertyAlbumTrackCount property.


Removed the instance method descriptions for the MPMediaItem class. These methods are now defined in this class’s superclass, MPMediaEntity, and described in MPMediaEntity Class Reference.


Added descriptions for two new class methods, persistentIDPropertyForGroupingType: and titlePropertyForGroupingType:.


Added descriptions for the keys for several persistent identifiers: MPMediaItemPropertyAlbumPersistentID, MPMediaItemPropertyArtistPersistentID, MPMediaItemPropertyAlbumArtistPersistentID, MPMediaItemPropertyGenrePersistentID, MPMediaItemPropertyComposerPersistentID, MPMediaItemPropertyPodcastPersistentID.


Added descriptions for five new media item property keys: MPMediaTypeMovie, MPMediaTypeTVShow, MPMediaTypeVideoPodcast, MPMediaTypeMusicVideo, and MPMediaTypeAnyVideo.


Added a description for the enumerateValuesForProperties:usingBlock: instance method.


Minor changes.


New document that describes a media item, such as a song, from the media library.