Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to MPMoviePlayerController Class Reference.

2012-09-19Added new information for iOS 6.0.
2012-07-17Removed line about not being allowed to pass nil in initWithContentURL:.

Starting in iOS 5.0, a new movie player is not automatically prepared to play. See the discussion for the initWithContentURL: instance method.


Added descriptions for the airPlayVideoActive property and the MPMoviePlayerIsAirPlayVideoActiveDidChangeNotification notification.


Added a description for the allowsAirPlay property.


Added descriptions for the accessLog and errorLog properties.

2010-07-13Added information on playing streams whose URLs require access credentials.

Added a code snippet to the MPMoviePlayerController Overview to demonstrate how to correctly add a movie player to an application’s view hierarchy.


Added a description of the timedMetadata method, which you can use to obtain time-based metadata from a streamed movie.


Clarified the description of the useApplicationAudioSession property.


Updated for iOS 3.2.


Improved MPMoviePlayerController introduction to describe how to play a series of movies.


Improved Discussion section for initWithContentURL: instance method to describe how to check for errors.


Updated for iOS 3.0


Added description for initialPlaybackTime property. Improved description for scalingMode and movieControlMode properties. Updated “Supported Formats” section.

2008-05-27New document that describes the class used to implement a full-screen movie player.