Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to CFNetwork Programming Guide.

2012-06-11Made minor fix.
2011-06-06Corrected explanation of creating a directory using FTP, using CFHTTPRequest synchronously.
2009-05-06Corrected typos.
2009-01-06Miscellaneous edits.
2008-10-15Made minor corrections to code samples.
2008-03-11Made minor typographical corrections and clarifications.
2007-01-08Updated information regarding CFReadStreamUnscheduleFromRunLoop.
2006-05-23Updated information regarding CFReadStreamCreateForHTTPRequest.
2006-04-04Updated sample code for communicating with HTTP servers.
2006-03-08Made minor editorial corrections throughout.
2006-02-07Updated content substantially and moved reference information to the new document "CFNetwork Reference." Changed the title from "CFNetwork Services Programming Guide."
2005-08-11Corrected description of port parameter in CFNetServiceCreate.
2005-04-29Updated for OS X v10.4. Changed "Rendezvous" to "Bonjour." Changed title from "CFNetwork Services."

Added description of CFFTP and CFHost and clarified the protocols that CFNetwork Services currently supports. Corrected sample code in the sections “Working With Write Streams and “Using a Run Loop to Prevent Blocking.” Corrected the description of the clientContext parameter for the CFReadStreamClientCallback and CFWriteStreamClientCallback callbacks.