Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Game Center Programming Guide.

2015-06-30Added information on saving games and moved code examples to the appropriate API reference guides.
2013-10-22Added information on resolving turn-based exchanges.
2013-09-18Added information about leaderboard sets and exchanges.
2012-09-19Renamed to Game Center Programming Guide. Removed chapters not related to Game Center apps. Updated to include features added in iOS 5 and iOS 6. Also updated to include OS X support.
2012-07-17Added to the OS X Developer Library
2011-03-08Revised the process for authenticating the local player. Clarified many aspects of Game Center usage.
2010-10-25Clarified the requirements for performing server-based matchmaking. Improved the guidelines implementing voice chat in a Game Center application.
2010-08-27Updated to add Game Center classes.
2009-05-28Revised to include more conceptual material.
2009-03-12New document that describes how to use GameKit to implement local networking over Bluetooth as well as voice chat services over any network.