Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Local and Remote Notification Programming Guide.

2015-03-09Added information about users changing their notification settings in the Settings app.
2014-10-31Made minor corrections.
 Made minor corrections.
2014-10-16Added information about custom notification actions and location-based notifications. Removed note stating that not all notification types are available in OS X—all types are delivered.

Changed title from Local and Push Notification Programming Guide.

2014-09-17Added note about content-available key. Added information about notification custom actions and location-based notifications.

Changed title from Local and Push Notification Programming Guide.

2014-02-11Added note about content-available key.
2013-09-18Added information about setting priority for a push notification.
2013-04-23Updated chapter "Provider Communication with Apple Push Notification Service". Minor changes throughout other chapters.

Added section Best Practices for Managing Connections. Added error code 10 to Table 5-1. Expanded discussion in The Feedback Service. Moved discussion of a legacy protocol to an appendix.

2011-08-09Added information about implementing push notifications on an OS X desktop client. Unified the guide for iOS and OS X.
2010-08-03Describes how to determine if an application is launched because the user tapped the notification alert's action button.
2010-07-08Changed occurrences of "iPhone OS" to "iOS."
2010-05-27Updated and reorganized to describe local notifications, a feature introduced in iOS 4.0. Also describes a new format for push notifications sent to APNs.
2010-01-28Made many small corrections.
2009-08-14Made minor corrections and linked to short inline articles on Cocoa concepts.
2009-05-22Added notes about Wi-Fi and frequency of registration, and gateway address for the development environment. Updated with various clarifications and enhancements.
2009-03-15First version of a document that explains how providers can send push notifications to client applications using Apple Push Notification Service.