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Use the Quick Look framework to provide previews of items that are in formats you don’t handle—such as iWork or Microsoft Office. This framework affords you more control over the preview process than you get from the UIDocumentInteractionController class—including choosing whether the preview is displayed in the context of a navigation controller or modally (full screen). The primary class in this framework is QLPreviewController, which provides a specialized view for previewing an item. It relies on a delegate for mediating preview actions, and a data source for providing the preview items.

If you want to take advantage of the options-menu feature, which lets a user pick an application to open a previewed item with, use the UIDocumentInteractionController class instead.



The UIViewController class provides the infrastructure for managing the views of your iOS apps.


A QLPreviewController object, or Quick Look preview controller, provides a specialized view for previewing an item.



The data source for a QLPreviewController (Quick Look preview controller) object must adopt this protocol to enable it to provide preview items to the controller.


Implement the methods of this protocol in the delegate of a QLPreviewController (Quick Look preview controller) object to:


The QLPreviewItem protocol defines properties you implement to make your application’s content visible in a QuickLook preview (QLPreviewController in iOS or QLPreviewPanel in OS X).