Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Security Overview.

2012-12-13Made additional editorial changes throughout.
2012-09-19Made minor editorial fixes.
2012-06-11Made minor typographical fixes.
2012-03-06Corrected minor errors in the bibliography.
2012-01-09Introduces computer security concepts.
2011-07-06Added information about sandboxing.
2010-07-13Reorganized file system permissions into a single section and enhanced the content.
2008-10-15Added a link to the iOS Technology Overview.
2008-06-26Added information about security in iOS.
2008-02-08Added descriptions of new features for OS X v10.5.
2005-04-29Updated for OS X v10.4. Added information about file-system access control lists (ACLs). Changed "Rendezvous" to "Bonjour."

New document that introduces computer security concepts and describes the security features and APIs in OS X.