Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Text Programming Guide for iOS.

2014-03-10Added explanation of using font descriptors to activate font features in chapter "Using Text Kit to Draw and Manage Text." Corrected typographical errors.
2014-02-11Corrected code listing from "autocapitalization" to "autocapitalize".
2013-10-22Revised introduction figure. Fixed typos.
2013-09-18Added material describing Text Kit and typographical concepts and made associated changes throughout. Changed name from "Text, Web, and Editing Programming Guide for iOS".
2011-03-07Updated information on pasteboard persistence and keyboard adjustment. Also made many small corrections.
2011-01-10Made some minor corrections.
2010-11-15Added "Playing Input Clicks" to the "Custom Views for Data Input" chapter.
 Incorporates information on copy-cut-paste operations, edit menu management, and custom data-input views. Made some minor corrections and clarifications, especially with keyboard management. Title changed from "Text and Web Programming Guide for iOS".
2010-07-07Changed the title from "Text and Web Programming Guide for iPhone OS."
2010-05-11First version of a document that describes the technologies and techniques for displaying and managing text and web content in iOS.