Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to UIGestureRecognizer Class Reference.

2013-12-16Clarified that the reset method is called whenever a gesture recognition attempt completes.
2013-09-18Described API introduced in iOS 7 for dynamically setting up failure requirements.
2013-04-23Added information about continuous gesture recognizer properties such as scale, rotation angle, and translation value.
2012-09-19Updated the addTarget:action: method description.
2011-03-08Amended the description of the delaysTouchesBegan property.
2010-09-15Describes how to determine at runtime if UIGestureRecognizer is available for use.
2010-08-03Added links to all concrete subclasses.
2010-05-24Made minor corrections.
2010-03-23First version of the reference for the abstract base class for gesture recognizers.