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UIKit Framework Reference UIImagePickerController Class Reference

Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to UIImagePickerController Class Reference.




Updated to discuss use with Live Photos in iOS 9.1.


Updated discussions of the Assets Library framework to refer to the Photos framework instead, which is recommended in iOS 8.0 and later.


Removed note that cameraOverlayView has a default value of nil—it actually always returns an overlay view.


Additional improvements to the description of using an image picker on iPad.


Added descriptions for the new UIImagePickerControllerQualityTypeIFrame1280x720 and UIImagePickerControllerQualityTypeIFrame960x540 iFrame video format constants.

In the overview for the UIImagePickerController class, clarified the explanation of how to present an image picker controller on iPad.


Added information on the two ways to present an image picker controller on iPad.


Clarified the use of the source type constants in the UIImagePickerControllerSourceType enumeration.

Improved the description for mediaTypes property.


Updated Overview to describe saving still-image metadata.


Added descriptions of new APIs and behaviors for iOS 4 and iPhone 4.

Described the new iOS 4 behavior for the showsCameraControls property.

Improved the descriptions of the startVideoCapture and stopVideoCapture instance methods.

Improved the description of the UIImagePickerControllerCameraFlashMode enumeration.

Updated the description for the UIImagePickerControllerSourceType enumeration.

Improved the descriptions for the videoQuality property and for the UIImagePickerControllerQualityType enumeration by noting that they apply to movie transcoding as well as to recording.

Improved the description for the mediaTypes property by noting that attempting to set an empty array results in an exception.


Added descriptions for the UIImagePickerControllerCameraDevice, UIImagePickerControllerCameraCaptureMode, and UIImagePickerControllerCameraFlashMode enumerations.

Added descriptions for two video capture instance methods: startVideoCapture and stopVideoCapture.

Added description for VGA-quality video recording constant, UIImagePickerControllerQualityType640x480.

Updated UIImagePickerController “Overview” for iOS 4.0.


Updated for iOS 3.1.

Added an “Important” section to UIImagePickerController class overview, clarifying use of the class.

Added descriptions for the videoMaximumDuration and videoQuality properties in the Configuring the Video Capture Options task group.

Added descriptions for the showsCameraControls, cameraOverlayView, and cameraViewTransform properties, and for the takePicture instance method, to the Customizing the Camera Controls task group.

Added a description for the allowsEditing property in the Configuring the Picker task group.

Added a description for UIImagePickerControllerQualityType enumeration.

Added deprecation information for the allowsImageEditing property.


Updated for iOS 3.0

Added description of video recording support.


New document that describes the class for managing the system-supplied user interfaces for choosing and taking pictures.