Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to UIImage Class Reference.

2014-04-09Added a link to the discussion of template images in UIKit User Interface Catalog.
2013-09-18Updated for iOS 7.
2013-04-23Added recommendation to use imageWithContentsOfFile: to create images that are only displayed once.
2013-01-28Changed the descriptions of UIImageOrientationLeft and UIImageOrientationRight to match the implementation.
2012-12-13Added thread safety information and added a missing description.
2012-09-19Added symbols introduced in iOS 6.
2011-10-12Updated for iOS 5.
2010-06-14Added symbols introduced in iOS 4.0. Updated the description of the imageNamed: class method to describe new behavior on iOS 4.

Added mention of the UIImageWriteToSavedPhotosAlbum function to the Overview section.

2008-10-15Updated the guidance related to image sizes.
2008-05-29New document that describes the class for displaying image data from various sources.