Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to NSDateFormatter Class Reference.

2014-02-11Describes new thread-safe behavior in OS X v10.9 and iOS 7.

Changed warning about NSDateFormatter not being thread-safe to information about under what circumstances NSDateFormatter is thread-safe.


Corrected examples for medium, long, and full time formats in NSDateFormatterStyle.

2013-08-08Clarified that if dateFromString: can not parse the string, it returns nil.
2012-09-19Added guidance that NSDateFormatter is not thread safe.
2011-03-08Removed incorrect deprecation information for init.
2009-04-26Updated for OS X v10.6.
2008-11-19Added note about supported behaviors for iOS.
2007-02-08Clarified the meaning of "lenient."
2007-01-23Included API introduced in OS X v10.5.
2006-05-23Clarified configuration of formatter after init.
 Clarified configuration of formatter after init.