Deprecated NSMutableArray Methods

A method identified as deprecated has been superseded and may become unsupported in the future.

Deprecated in iOS 4.0


Removes the specified number of objects from the array, beginning at the specified index. (Deprecated in iOS 4.0. Use removeObjectsAtIndexes: instead.)

- (void)removeObjectsFromIndices:(NSUInteger *)indices numIndices:(NSUInteger)count

A C array of the indices of the objects to remove from the receiving array.


The number of objects to remove from the receiving array.


This method is similar to removeObjectAtIndex:, but allows you to efficiently remove multiple objects with a single operation. If you sort the list of indices in ascending order, you will improve the speed of this operation.

This method cannot be sent to a remote object with distributed objects.

Special Considerations

This deprecated method uses a C array of indices. The removeObjectsAtIndexes: method uses an NSIndexSet which provides a more efficient way of indexing into an array.

  • Available in iOS 2.0 and later.
  • Deprecated in iOS 4.0.
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