Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to NSScanner Class Reference.

2013-09-18Updated for iOS 7.
2013-08-08Corrected the overflow return value for scanHexInt: to be UINT_MAX.
2011-01-21Corrected description of scanHexLongLong:.
2010-03-18Added additional information to the setCharactersToBeSkipped: method.
2008-10-15Documented hexadecimal scanning methods introduced in OS X v10.5
2007-02-22Included API introduced in OS X v10.5.

Added a note that [[scanner string]substringFromIndex:[scanner scanLocation]] is the best way to retrieve the unscanned remainder of the string.

2006-06-28Clarified the behavior of scanUpToString:intoString:, scanUpToCharactersFromSet:intoString:, and scanString:intoString:.
2006-05-23Corrected typographical errors.

First publication of this content as a separate document.