Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Foundation Constants Reference.

2013-09-18Added new error codes introduced in OS X v10.9.
2012-09-19Added NSFeatureUnsupportedError error as well as the XPC suite of errors.
2012-07-17Updated for OS X v10.8.
2012-06-11Updated search path and search domain entries. Marked NSDeveloperDirectory and NSDeveloperApplicationDirectory as deprecated.
2011-07-05Updated for OS X v10.7.
2010-01-20Added new URL loading system error codes available in OS X v10.6 and iOS 3.0.
2009-10-19Expanded descriptions of NSEnumerationConcurrent, NSEnumerationReverse, NSSortConcurrent, and NSSortStable.
2009-08-20Added NSFileWriteOutOfSpaceError error and errors related to property lists.
2009-06-05Noted that NSNotFound is now defined as NSIntegerMax.
2009-05-06Corrected the definition of NSDecimalNoScale.
2008-11-21Added definitions of Foundation version numbers for iOS.
2008-10-15Added definitions of NSScannedOption and NSCollectorDisabledOption.
2007-04-03Included new constants introduced in OS X v10.5.
2006-06-28Removed duplicate constant definitions.
2006-05-23First publication of this content as a separate document.