Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to CGDataProvider Reference.

2009-01-06Added entries for the CGDataProviderCopyData and CGDataProviderCreateWithFilename functions.
2008-04-08Added the version field to two callback data structures.
2007-06-26Corrected typographical errors.
 Updated for OS X v10.5.

Added the function CGDataProviderCreateSequential and CGDataProviderCreateDirect.


Added the callbacks CGDataProviderSkipForwardCallback and CGDataProviderGetBytesAtPositionCallback.


Added the data structures CGDataProviderDirectCallbacks and CGDataProviderSequentialCallbacks.

2005-04-29 Updated for OS X v10.4.

Changed the name of the releaseInfo field to releaseProvider and then modified the fields in the data structures CGDataProviderCallbacks and CGDataProviderDirectAccessCallbacks to match the field descriptions. Formerly, they showed a callback prototype in the field instead of the callback data type. The usage of these data structures remains the same.


Added the function CGDataProviderCreateWithCFData.


Added the callback CGDataProviderReleaseDataCallback.


Added introductory material.


First version of this document. An earlier version of this information appeared in Quartz 2D Reference.