Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to UIApplication Class Reference.

2013-09-18Added methods introduced in iOS 7.
2012-12-13Updated description for sendEvent: subclassing.
2012-09-19Added methods related to state preservation and restoration.
2011-10-12Describes methods, properties, and constants added to iOS 5.0 to support Newsstand applications and user-interface layout.
2011-01-05Describes how to remove a keepAlive handler (setKeepAliveTimeout:handler:). Also made some minor corrections.
2010-09-30Describes the read-write scheduledNotifications property, which in prior releases was a read-only method.
2010-05-25Added new methods introduced in iOS 4.0.
2010-02-25Updated for iOS 3.2.
2009-08-05Corrected the UIInterfaceOrientation enum declarations.
2009-05-19Corrected description of windows property and updated the methods for remote-notification registration.
2009-03-08Describes methods added for iOS 3.0, including those for remote-notification registration.
2009-01-12Updated names of interface orientation notifications.
2008-11-12Moved the Interface Orientation macros to the UIKit Functions Reference.
2008-10-15Modified the description of the setStatusBarHidden:animated: method.
2008-09-09Modified note on idleTimerDisabled property.
2008-06-23New document that describes the class that provides a centralized point of control for iPhone applications.