Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to UIKit Framework Reference.

2013-09-18Updated for iOS 7.

Added a link to NSLayoutConstraint Class Reference.


Added a link to UIDictationPhrase Class Reference.

2011-10-12Updated for iOS 5.0.

Added a link to UIStepper Class Reference.

2010-11-15Added printing classes and UITextInputMode. Also updated class hierarchy diagram.
2010-04-22Added accessibility protocol references.
2010-03-03Updated for iOS 3.2.

Updated for iOS 3.1.


Updated class hierarchy illustration in Figure I-1. Added links to UIVideoEditorController Class Reference and UIVideoEditorControllerDelegate Protocol Reference.

2009-05-26Added missing protocol references and updated for iOS 3.0.
2008-05-18New document that describes the programming interface for constructing and managing the user interface of iPhone applications.