Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Apple URL Scheme Reference.

2015-06-08Added the scheme for FaceTime audio calls.
2013-09-18OS X now supports map links.
2012-12-13Updated information about the usage of the maps URL scheme.
2012-09-19Changed the map-related URL information to reflect Apple map support.
2010-12-15Applied minor edits.
2009-06-17Minor edits throughout.
2009-06-08Updated the description of the mailto scheme to reflect the fact that iOS ignores the from attribute.
2009-01-06Changed the title from "iPhone URL Scheme Reference" and applied other minor edits throughout.
2008-10-29Added information about support for the sms URL scheme.
2008-10-15First version of iPhone URL Scheme Reference.

The information in this document was previously published in iOS Programming Guide.