About Trace Templates

Use trace templates to quickly populate a trace document in Instruments with a predetermined set of preconfigured individual instruments. The trace template selection dialog automatically opens when you open Instruments. You can also bring up the template selection dialog by choosing File > New when running Instruments.

The trace template chooser dialog consists of these primary areas:

  • A target chooser, for selecting the device and process(es) to profile.

  • A filter for selecting sets of standard, custom, or recently used templates.

  • A search field, for searching the titles and descriptions of templates.

  • The (possibly filtered) list of trace templates.

  • A short description of the selected trace template. Use this to determine if the chosen template is the correct template for your needs.

The figure below shows the trace template selection dialog with the Energy Diagnostics template chosen.


Use a trace template as a starting point to collect data for a particular purpose. After choosing the template to load, click Choose to open the trace document and populate the document with the template’s instruments. You can then add or remove individual instruments from the trace document.

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