Accessing Source Code from Instruments

Use stack trace symbols to locate source code you have written. Stack trace symbols are displayed in the detail view as a small square user icon with a black background. To make it easier to find symbols for your code, you can use the Display Settings area in the inspector sidebar to filter out hidden symbols and system libraries.

To access an app’s source code from Instruments
  1. Choose Call Tree from the detail view pop-up menu in the detail pane navigation bar.

  2. Find the icon for your code in either the detail pane or extended detail inspector area. The following screenshot shows user symbols in both the detail pane and the extended detail pane, marked by a square user icon with a black background.

  3. Double-click the icon to display your source code where that symbol is used.

  4. Click the Xcode icon at the top right of the detail pane to open Xcode and display your source code. The following screenshot shows the location of the Xcode icon that appears at the top of the detail pane. It appears there after you double-click a symbol or icon in the detail pane or Extended Detail inspector sidebar in order to display code in the detail pane.