Collecting Data Wirelessly Using a Mobile Device

Use your wireless device to collect data while it is not connected to your computer.

To collect data wirelessly using a mobile device
  1. Make sure your mobile device is connected to your development system by a USB cable.

  2. Press the Option key and click the Target pop-up menu in the toolbar of your trace document.

  3. Choose your mobile device to enable the wireless option.

  4. Open the Target pop-up menu and choose the wireless version of your device.

  5. Disconnect the device from the USB cable.

Using a wireless connection allows you to move your device as needed for testing without getting tangled in the cable or accidentally unplugging the device during testing. Connecting wirelessly is especially useful when testing the following:

  • Accelerometers: Move the device in all directions without being tethered. Ensures a complete testing of the device.

  • Accessories: Plug your USB accessory into the free slot and test it.

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