Saving a Collection of Instruments for Later Use

You can save a collection of individual instruments for later use in a custom trace template that you create. You can later open that collection from the Instruments analysis tool’s Templates menu.

To save a collection of instruments for later use
  1. Choose File > Save as Template.

  2. Enter a template name.

  3. Specify a location for the template in your file system.

  4. Select an icon for the template.

  5. Enter a description for the template and click Save.

While developing an application, you often analyze data using the same set of instruments multiple times. By creating your own trace template, you can save the instruments’ configuration for reuse.

Select your saved trace template from the user section upon launching the Instruments tool or select File > Open and navigate to the location of the template. You can use the template in any future testing regardless of the application or process you created it for.

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