Finding Issues Using the OpenGL ES Analyzer

Use the OpenGL ES Analysis template in the Instruments analysis tool to analyze your OpenGL ES code. You’ll see lists of possible errors and specific recommendations for improvements.

To find issues using the OpenGL ES Analyzer instrument
  1. Create a new trace document in Instruments using the OpenGL ES Analysis template. At the top of the template selection window, choose the device and app you want to analyze.

  2. Click the Record button, and exercise your OpenGL ES graphics code in your app.

    ../Art/instruments_opengl_es_analysis template_record_button_2x.png
  3. After a few seconds of measurement, click the Stop button and wait for issues to stop accumulating in the detail pane.

    ../Art/instruments_opengl_es_analysis template_results_2x.png

Errors are listed in the detail pane sorted by their severity. Red squares are used for “most severe” problems, and orange triangles are used for “less severe” problems. A recommendation and the stack trace are displayed in the Extended Detail inspector pane for the issue selected in the detail pane.