Monitoring Multiple Core Usage

Monitor your app’s usage of multiple cores with the Time Profiler instrument’s CPU strategy button. The more effectively multiple cores are used, the better an app’s performance is.

To monitor multiple core usage
  1. Open the Time Profiler instrument template.

  2. From the Choose Target pop-up menu, choose your app.

  3. Click the Record button.

  4. Exercise your app to execute code, then click the Stop button to capture and analyze data.

  5. Click the CPU strategy button in the toolbar.

  6. Choose whether you want to graphically display the chart by boundary, category, or usage in the lower section of the toolbar.

  7. Look for unbalanced core usage.


The CPU strategy in the Time Profiler instrument shows how well your app utilizes multiple cores. Selecting the CPU strategy in a trace document configures the track pane to display time on the x-axis and processor cores on the y-axis. Use the CPU strategy usage view to compare core usage over given time periods.

Ensure that your app is using multiple cores simultaneously by zooming in on the track pane. One or two threads that jump between cores very quickly can make it look like multiple cores are in use at the same time when in reality, only one core is in use at any one time.

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