Setting DTrace Preferences

Use the DTrace tab to configure how DTrace-based instruments act. DTrace instruments use dynamic tracing to access low-level kernel operations and user processes running on your device.

Open Instruments > Preferences, and click DTrace.


You can configure the following options:

Buffer Size: Sets the size of the DTrace kernel buffer (in megabytes). The default is 25 MB.

Max backtrace depth: Sets the maximum stack depth that is captured when using a DTrace instrument. The default is 128.

DTrace probe options: Configures the probe options for DTrace-based instruments.

  • Permit zero match probes: Prevents an error when a specified probe is not found.

  • Preserve intermediate files: Prevents Instruments from removing intermediate DTrace data output files from the disk.

  • Flag runtime messages: Adds flags to the timeline for DTrace runtime status and error messages encountered during a recording.

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