Setting General Preferences

Use the General tab to configure basic Instruments preferences including startup, keyboard shortcuts, and warnings options.

Open Instruments > Preferences and click General.


You can configure the following options:

Tracing behavior: Determines how trace documents record data.

  • Always use deferred mode: Performs data analysis for all traces after data collection is complete.

  • Automatically time profile spinning applications: Automatically monitors for a spinning process and starts the Time Profiler instrument on a spinning process. This can be a process other than the one being recorded.

Startup preferences: Manages startup preferences.

  • Supress template chooser: Hides the template chooser when Instruments starts up and when a new trace document is created.

Saving: Controls how many runs are saved and in what format.

  • Save current run only: Saves only the current data collection run for each individual instrument.

  • Compress run data: Compresses each saved run into zip format.

Default document location: Specifies the default save location for new Instruments documents.

  • Click the button and select Choose in the pop-up menu. Navigate to your desired directory in the Choose Default Location of Trace Documents dialog. Click Open to choose your selected directory as the new save location.

  • Click the button and select Reset to restore the system default temporary directory.

Global Keyboard Shortcuts: Sets keyboard shortcut options. Click the Open Keyboard Shortcut Preferences button to access the system Keyboard Shortcuts menu, with Development options enabled. Development options include Time Profile Active Application, Time Profile App Under Mouse, Time Profile Entire System, and Toggle Instruments Recording, among others.

Dialog Warnings: Enables or disables dialog warnings. Instruments has several warning dialogs that you can disable by selecting the “Do not show this message again” checkbox in the dialog. To reenable all of these warning dialogs, click the Reset “Don’t Ask Me” Warnings button.

The screenshot shows the default General preferences.

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