Setting dSYMs and Paths Preferences

Use the dSYMs and Paths tab to set global search paths for Instruments. Instruments uses the paths specified in the dSYMs and Paths tab when looking for dSYM files and source files.

Open Instruments > Preferences, and click dSYMs and Paths.


You can add and delete search locations by clicking the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons.

  • Add button (+): Adds a search location. Opens the Open Directory dialog. Navigate to the desired directory and click Open. Directories indexed by Spotlight are already searched, so you only need to add search paths for directories that aren’t indexed.

  • Remove button (-): Removes the selected search location.

dSYM Download Script: Provides the option of running a custom script to locate and access the necessary dSYM files. This option is provided for use by large developers with distributed code databases; it is not needed by the majority of developers. The format of the output of this script is described at in the section “Shell Script Property List Format”.

  • When a run ends: Enabled only if a dSYM download script is specified. Configures how the download script is automatically used after a recording has finished. Options include “Don’t Download dSYMs,” “Download App dSYMs,” “Download App and User Framework dSYMs,” and “Download All dSYMs.” The default is “Don’t Download dSYMs.”

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